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Not everyone enjoys the dentist, but we want to change that. At Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry, we sympathize with our young patients. We understand that the dentist’s chair might be intimidating, so our dedicated dental team is ever-mindful that children might require more TLC (tender loving care) than adults in these situations. Plus, we understand that parents could use a little TLC too. Here are some ways we offer luxury, comfort, and amenities at our Lorton, VA, dental office.

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In essence, television is escapism. It sends our minds elsewhere and shifts our focus from what’s presently happening. During your child or teen’s procedure, we play age-appropriate shows and movies so that our young patients are distracted by what’s seen on screen. When a good program is streaming on TV, kids are more likely to fixate on their entertainment instead of what the dental team is doing to their teeth (and we don’t blame them).

In a world fascinated with automating and creating faster experiences, we don’t want to rush your child’s dentistry experience. Therefore, we don’t believe in hurrying along any part of your child’s dentistry appointment.

We want to take the time to patiently treat and educate your child in our spa-inspired treatment rooms while you have a rare moment to sit back and relax in our chic parents’ lounge.

As a pediatric dentistry specialty, going to the dentist should be a positive, rewarding, and even fun experience for children. That said, we believe visitng the children’s dental office should be positive, rewarding, and fun for everyone from toddlers to the teenagers to the parents. Therefore, we facilitate a contemporary clinical setting that has everyone’s joy and comfort in mind.

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Some dental procedures (like preventative care) can be scheduled weeks or months ahead. Nevertheless, when you need to see a same-day dentist, Dr. Rashed has your back (and your child’s smile).

Frankly, children are fickle. It’s impossible to predict when your child might need emergency dental care. If your child ever experiences an accident, acute dental infection, or trauma that damages their teeth, call (703) 688-2155 for urgent dental care in Lorton, VA. We promise to pencil in your child for our next available appointment.

Extensive research supports that clutter and disorganization have an adverse, cumulative effect on our brains. The human brain prefers order, and constant visual reminders of disorganization leave us feeling drained, overload our working memory, and reduce our ability to focus.

Because we want to grant our parents serenity, we designed our parent’s lounge with a linear, clean feel. So feel free to sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy a (coffee) drink on us. You deserve it.

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Discover how Dr. Rashed and her team curate comfortable, bespoke experiences to decrease stress and increase comfort at Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry by calling (703) 688-2155 or messaging us online.

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