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Adolescents and Teenagers 12-18 years

The adolescent and teen years are infamously challenging. Once kids reach 12 or 13, it seems like they want to start managing their own lives and fire all the adults in charge. (How rude!)

But this trial-adult period is best approached as a collaboration between the young person, the parents, and their health care providers. Although it can be difficult to relinquish some control over tween or teen’s life, it helps them feel more invested in the process and improves overall health outcomes. Dr. Heba Rashed and her team have extensive training for handling the social and health needs of individuals aged 12 to 18.

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Our Social Media Worthy Location in the Heart of Lorton, VA

When designing our Petite Smiles office, we kept families with kids of all ages in mind. We wanted the space to feel comfortable and spa-esque yet reflective of today’s trends. Most teens find our calming neutral colors, soft lighting, and nature-inspired decor a valid excuse for much-needed self-care. Depending on their personality, they might be tempted to snap a selfie or shoot a Tik-Tok. (Sorry in advance. We think the office looks neat too.)

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Common Oral Health Concerns and Habits From 12 to 18 Years

At your adolescent or teen’s dental visit, Dr. Rashed can answer any questions you or your kid have regarding oral health and directly teach young people about the following:

Protecting Teeth During Sports

If your tween or teen plays contact sports or activities, ensure they use an athletic mouthguard to prevent injury.

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Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Generally, wisdom teeth (or the third molars) erupt between 17 and 21 years. Dr. Rashed will assess the presence, position, and development of third molars and suggest if a visit to an oral surgeon is necessary.

Tongue and Lip Piercings

We understand and don’t judge that most kids in this age range want to express their personalities and beliefs through fashion. Dr. Rashed discourages lip and tongue piercings because recent studies warn that these types of oral piercings wreak havoc on the teeth and gums.

Tobacco Usage

Tobacco usage of any form is unsafe and addictive, and the CDC warns that this harmful habit is gaining traction among Americans younger than 17. It’s worth mentioning that tobacco use often starts during adolescence, and nearly 9 out of 10 adults who smoke cigarettes daily first tried one before the current legal purchasing age in most states. Tobacco use is linked to bad breath, yellow teeth, gum disease, and cancer.

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12-18 Years: A Parent’s Guide to Oral Health During the Final Stretch of Childhood

Here are some common oral health treatments provided for individuals in this age group:

  • Orthodontic screening
  • Evaluation of wisdom teeth
  • Graduation to a general dentist

Pediatric Dentistry in Lorton, VA

Start your child’s journey to a healthier smile with our luxury pediatric dentistry services. From infants to teens, Petite Smiles welcomes kids of all ages who are ready to experience a serene, elevated approach to dentistry. Book an appointment at our Lorton, VA dental office by calling (703)-688-2155 or messaging us online.

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