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Why a Pediatric Dentist

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

Because your child’s smile will go through trials and tribulations indefinitely, they deserve consistent, conscientious care. Lorton, VA dentist Dr. Heba Rashed specializes in maintaining dental health from birth to the late teen years to provide comprehensive health benefits that last well into adulthood.

Our pediatric dentist dedicates their time and energy to thoroughly understanding every stage of your child’s rapidly changing smile. Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that specializes in examining, preserving, and enhancing tooth and gum development from infancy to adulthood. At Petite Smiles Boutique Dentistry, we offer an exceptional range of dentistry services for kids of all ages at our dentistry in Lorton, VA.

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Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentist

What is a kids dentist?

Children are much more than miniature adults. Their mouths and jaws are growing exponentially, which is why they need a dentist who fully understands the ins and outs of child development. Pediatric dentists specialize in children’s oral health from birth through the teenage years.

As kids grow, their needs change (including their oral health care needs). The distinct difference between general and pediatric dentists is that the latter seek further instruction, training, and experience to become highly qualified to provide care for virtually every walk of life.

Moreover, some kids battle with patience and compliance during dental treatments. While this might make even an experienced family dentist weary, Dr. Heba Rashed and her competent team have developed the expertise to keep kids calm and comfortable to obtain the high-quality care they are entitled to.

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Facilitating an Onset Doctor-Patient Connection

As a rule of thumb, dental experts propose scheduling your child’s first dental visit when you spot their first tooth or before they smash their first birthday cake (whichever comes first). In addition to ensuring that baby’s teeth are cavity-free and aligning properly, an infant dental visit helps form a positive relationship between child, parent, and dentist—and, in a dream world, a newfound appreciation for exceptional oral health and pristine oral hygiene.

Establishing good oral hygiene habits, like bi-annual checkups and cleanings, from a young age is the easiest way to ensure that your child’s smile is in top-notch condition—helping them dodge dental pain and problems.

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Lorton, VA, special needs pediatric dentist posing in her office

Gain Trust and Confidence in Dentistry

Imagine a kid on the first day of school. Some kids are eager to meet their teachers and new friends, and others are worried sick about being in an alien environment. While we can’t predict how your child will react to visiting the dentist, we can help them feel more comfortable and confident with the process.

Early dental visits help children familiarize themselves with their dentist, raising the chance that they’ll prioritize oral health in the future. When children visit the same dentist often, they tend to gain trust, which makes treatment easier. Plus, Dr. Rashed takes detailed notes of your child’s health and oral history so that she can provide a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and child centric care.

Pediatric Dentistry in Lorton, VA

At Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to deliver exceptional dental services for kids of all ages. We strongly believe that forming exemplary oral hygiene habits as early as possible will cause a ripple effect into adulthood. We prioritize forging meaningful bonds with our young patients and their families so your child can have the best dental health possible. Meet our admirable kids dentist, Dr. Rashed, by calling (703)-688-2155 or messaging us online.

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