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What kind of issues can a frenectomy resolve?

If you’ve been told that your child needs a frenectomy, there’s no need to panic. Dr. Heba Rashed of Petite Smiles simplifies this life-changing procedure by using laser dentistry to address this health issue.

If your child has a tongue-tie or lip-tie, here are a few reasons to consider releasing it with a laser frenectomy:

Correct Latching & Feeding Issues

Releasing a tongue-tie or lip-tie supports proper latching early on and stimulates milk production—allowing for adequate feeding, nutrition, and growth of your baby. Generally speaking, babies with tongue-ties or lip-ties tend to eat slowly, spit up food, and choke.

Although latching and feeding issues directly impact a young child’s nutrition, it’s fair to say that they impact the mom too. If you’re experiencing breastfeeding challenges, you might quickly blame yourself as a mother. However, your breastfeeding difficulties might not be your fault, and it’s worth visiting a Lorton, Virginia, dentist to see if your baby has a tongue or lip tie. If this is the case, a laser frenectomy can relieve discomfort caused by inadequate breastfeeding. As your child adjusts after treatment, you should regain healthy nipples and breasts while increasing the bond with your baby via effective breastfeeding.

Dental Problems

Tongue-ties and lip-ties can contribute to long-term developmental issues, such as:

·        Misalignment

·        Palatal (the roof of the mouth) development problems

·        Gum recession

·        Dental sensitivity

Speech Issues

We use our entire mouth to communicate from our teeth to the tip of our tongue. When the tongue is tied, it’s challenging to articulate all of the sounds needed for language because the tongue can’t move upwards, downwards, or side-to-side.

Although this is a hot-button debate amongst speech pathologists, some believe that a shorter-than-average lingual frenulum can cause a speech delay or interfere with articulation.

Pain and Posture Problems

The four muscles (located above the u-shaped hyoid bone in the neck) are vital. They are connected to muscles throughout the body. When these muscles stiffen, headaches, soreness, and poor posture can arise. Plus, an untreated tongue tie will always tilt the head forward, creating a ripple effect of muscle tightness throughout the body.

Snoring and Breathing Issues

If you don’t correct your child’s tongue-tie now, they might develop snoring habits and breathing issues later in life. Namely, this is a problem amongst teens and adults with tongue ties. A tongue-tie can alter palate development and cause the lower jaws to grow disproportionately.

Learn More About Laser Frenectomies in Lorton, VA

To clip or not to clip? Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to decide whether correcting a tongue tie is right for their child. However, it might be sensible to deal with this common problem early on rather than with complex developmental issues later.

Nip this common problem in the bud by scheduling a laser dentistry appointment in Lorton, VA. Contact Dr. Rashed of Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry by calling (703) 5469194 or messaging us online.