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Tooth Extractions

Nothing can compare to the excitement of watching your child lose their first tooth. Plus, it helps that most baby teeth fall out on their own. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Heba Rashed is in the profession of saving teeth. Still, some situations require tooth extraction:

  • Infection under the tooth (known as a dental or tooth abscess)
  • Extensive tooth decay that compromises most of the dental structure
  • Before orthodontic treatment (like Invisalign® or braces)

The good news is that a tooth extraction isn’t as scary as it sounds. Our dedicated pediatric dentistry team is composed of experienced personnel you can count on to master proven children’s dentistry techniques during this simple procedure. Petite Smiles is equipped with contemporary technology and modern amenities while maximizing comfort and decreasing dental anxiety.

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What is the point of pulling a tooth if my child’s baby teeth eventually come out?

A common misconception is that a primary tooth could never necessitate tooth removal. While it’s true that your child’s first set of teeth generally falls out on its own before age 12, certain circumstances warrant pulling a tooth.

For example, our pediatric dentist will first go over treatment options if your child suffers from extensive cavities. If Dr. Rashed cannot save the tooth root and other dental structures via restorative care, (such as a tooth filling, root canal, or dental crown), she might recommend removing the tooth entirely.

Although this might seem like an extreme measure to some, tooth extraction can save your child from further suffering—such as severe discomfort, swelling, or infections that might impose a trip to a crowded emergency room.

If ignored, the destructive oral bacteria can spread and penetrate the dental nerve, infect the inner dental tissues, and distort the supporting jawbone. At this point, the underlying permanent tooth can feel the wrath of the initial cavity in the primary tooth. Consequently, this might lead to permanent discoloration and a distorted surface on the enamel.

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Dental Extractions at Petite Smiles Boutique Dentistry

At Petite Smiles, we prioritize making your child as comfortable as possible during dental extraction.

Our dental team will be there every step of the way to guide your child through their dental extraction. In just a few minutes, our family dentist will effectively remove the tooth as gently as possible and provide straightforward instructions to optimize tooth extraction healing.

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Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Although the case varies from child to child, anticipate the following after tooth extraction:

  • Your child will feel numb for 2-3 hours following the procedure from the local anesthetic
  • Take pain medication as directed
  • Apply a cold compress to lessen inflammation immediately after the procedure.
  • Adjust your child’s diet during their healing period (We suggest a soft diet void of acidic, hot, and spicy foods.)
  • If your child is experiencing bleeding gums, bite on a sterile gauze pad.
  • Avoid sipping on straws or spitting until the extraction site is healed.

Pediatric Dentistry in Lorton, VA

Start your child’s journey to a healthier smile with our luxury pediatric dentistry services. From infants to teens, Petite Smiles welcomes kids of all ages who are ready to experience a serene, elevated approach to dentistry. Book an appointment at our Lorton, VA dental office by calling (703)-688-2155 or messaging us online.

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