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Teeth Whitening - Zoom!

When you look back at your child’s baby and toddler photos, do you notice how white their teeth once were? Nevertheless, as your child’s baby teeth start falling out one by one, you can’t help but notice that their permanent teeth are coming in yellow.

Even if you uphold consistent oral hygiene routines and receive frequent kids teeth cleanings, your children’s adult teeth still grow slightly darker than their baby teeth. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic! This phenomenon is a perfectly natural (and even expected) part of growing up.

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Why are adult teeth darker than baby teeth?

Simply, permanent (adult) teeth are structured differently than primary (baby) teeth. Compared to primary teeth, permanent teeth have much more dentin. Dentin is the hard, inner part of the tooth that contributes to the majority of a tooth’s color. Because enamel (the surface of the teeth) is translucent, the yellowish dentin shines through. Adult dentin is not only more abundant, but it’s also darker—leading to a more yellow appearance comparatively.

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Do you have a special event on the horizon? Ask your teen if they would like to professionally whiten their teeth.

Although yellow adult teeth are typically healthy and ordinary, we still love seeing bright, beautiful smiles in family photos. If your teenager has all of their permanent teeth and wants to whiten their smile for the homecoming dance, graduation photos, or another monumental event, we recommend Zoom Whitening. 

How Zoom! Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening service can be used as an add-on after a routine dental cleaning session or independently if your kid has an important upcoming event. This clinically proven chairside whitening treatment is gentle yet effective, with the ability to lift up to eight shades of staining in a single session. Zoom Whitening is a bleaching process widely trusted by dentists with years of success. What’s the secret behind this revolutionary whitening treatment?

Zoom combines a potent yet gentle whitening gel formula with the power of ultraviolet light to deliver a dramatic transformation in a flash! When combined with heat, ultraviolet rays break down chemical bonds and cause a bleaching effect—which can work wonders for a dull, stained smile.

Before deciding whether Zoom Whitening suits your teens, we suggest scheduling dental cleanings to keep their mouth healthy and address minor discoloration. Then, your Lorton, VA dentist will conduct a comprehensive exam to ensure the proper health of your teen’s teeth and gums. Plus, she will ask questions regarding oral hygiene, habits, and lifestyle to determine if your teenager is a candidate for Zoom Whitening.

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Whitening Treatments are Designed for Teens and Adults

Since Zoom whitening can slightly thin out the enamel, we do not recommend teeth whitening to children who still have baby teeth. Bleaching teeth before your child is ready can lead to uncomfortable dental sensitivity. Still, Zoom whitening can be an advantageous, additional service for many teens. Because adult teeth have thicker enamel than baby teeth, permanent teeth can handle the powerful whitening effects of the Phillips Zoom system

Teen Teeth Whitening in Lorton, VA

Are you searching for a Lorton dentist, Newington dentist, or Lake Ridge dentist that can successfully whiten your teenager’s teeth in less than an hour? Give your teen something to smile about, and create a customized treatment plan with Dr. Rashed at Petite Smiles Boutique.

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