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Patients with Disabilities

At Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry, think that every child is special and love them all. Dr. Heba Rashed, our dentist for special needs kids, has a warm spot in her heart for children who require extra care. If you are the parent of a child with health issues or disabilities, then you know exactly what we mean.

Our Lorton dental team has seen the light that children with special needs shed on the world. Still, we firmly believe that every child deserves high-quality kids dental care. Petite Smiles offers a calm, enjoyable, and inclusive experience for all infants, kids, and teens.

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Pediatric Dentistry Should Feel Like a Retreat

We understand that you might’ve experienced dental hardships in the past. We live in a cruel, unfair world. Although over 52 million Americans have developmental disabilities, only 10% of dental professionals are deemed prepared for treatment for patients with special needs.

As sobering as this statistic is, Petite Smiles is committed to providing excellent, advanced children’s dentistry service for all Fairfax County kids (and we truly mean that). We’ve made it our mission to make children’s dentistry a more comfortable experience for every member of the family, and here’s what you can expect from your elevated Petite Smiles experience:

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Health Conditions that We Look Forward to Handling

At our Lorton special needs dental clinic, our high-trained team offers exceptional care for those that might not have access to quality care in a traditional dental setting. Petite Smiles is uniquely qualified to care for virtually all young patients, including (but not limited to) those with:

  • Down syndrome
  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Seizure disorders (like epilepsy)
  • Dental Anxiety
  • Dental Phobia
  • Mild to severe intellectual disabilities
  • Diabetes
  • Multifaceted medical conditions

How We Cater to All Patients

We know that everyone has their requirements, preferences, and coping mechanisms to make healthcare experiences more enjoyable. Therefore, we pride ourselves in partnering with parents to create custom treatment plans and services that fit every patient’s unique needs (not the other way around).

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Does your child need additional time at our office to mentally prepare for a dental appointment? Feel free to stop by our Lorton dental office or use our virtual office tour feature to create a social story to illustrate what to expect during a trip to the dentist. Does your child need help to relax? We offer conscious sedation options and other non-invasive dentistry techniques to help kids feel at ease during treatment. In full transparency, the possibilities for helping your child are endless, and we are open-minded to your suggestions.

Special Needs Dental Clinic in Lorton, VA

Top-notch dental care is for everyone, and our goal is for all children to wind up enjoying their dental visits (instead of dreading them). Even if the procedure itself isn’t fun, we strive to ensure that children (and their parents) feel unthreatened, confident, and at peace throughout the process. Our no-pressure approach helps young patients understand that going to the dentist isn’t scary, so we can help them stay healthy.

If you need a dentist for disabled children in the Lorton area, Dr. Rashed and her team are here to support your entire family. Schedule an appointment at Petite Smiles Boutique Pediatric Dentistry by calling (703)-688-2155 or message us online.

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