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Nerve Therapy

Dr. Rashed performs nerve therapy when the decay is incredibly close to or reaches the dental nerve. If your kid’s dentist can catch the infection in time, she can administer medication to promote healing and prevent any further damage in what’s known as an indirect pulp cap. However, if the infection reaches the nerve, Dr. Rashed will perform a pulpotomy or “baby root canal.” With this popular endodontic treatment, Dr. Rashed can preserve your child’s tooth from extraction, relieve discomfort, and keep your little one’s smile strong.

Nerve therapy in Lorton, VA

Every smile has a story. If your child has experienced tooth decay, our experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Rashed, can help rewrite your child’s next chapter. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our advanced restorative dentistry methods by calling (703)-688-2155 or messaging us online.

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