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A Lorton Dentist on How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth During Stressful Times

When you’re going through a difficult time, one of the last things on your mind is oral health. In this blog, our dentist in Lorton, Dr. Heba Rashed, discusses some tips for taking care of your family’s dental health when you’re struggling. You can even plan ahead so that when the tough times hit, you don’t have to think about your kid’s teeth; they’re already taken care of. 

Create Routines During the Good Times

Suddenly developing good oral health practices isn’t going to happen when your family has a lot on their plate, so work with your kids on creating those habits when everyone isn’t dealing with a lot of stress. Then, you can fall back on those routines without added mental or physical energy. 

This includes flossing and brushing teeth twice a day. Help your kids plan by already having the right tools and products available, like soft-bristle brushes. If flossing with traditional floss is more work than you think your children can handle, have them use flossers or a water flosser. Don’t fall into the trap of all-or-nothing thinking: any form of flossing is better than none at all. 

Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water

During difficult times, it can be tempting to turn to comfort foods or fast food for convenience, but these can be harmful to your child’s dental health. Try to limit their intake of sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Instead, opt for healthier options like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These foods can help strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities.

Did you know drinking water is also good for teeth and gums? Water helps wash away food particles and bacteria that can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. Additionally, staying hydrated can help prevent dry mouth, which can cause bad breath and other dental issues. 

Take Care of Mental Health 

Self-care practices that help soothe and calm can also help protect your kid’s teeth during times of turmoil. If your child goes to bed stressed out, they might clench or grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism, which can wear down enamel or even cause tooth fractures. Mindfulness, exercise, or other healthy outlets can release that stress. 

If necessary, our Lorton, VA, dentist can create a custom mouthguard for your child to protect their teeth while they sleep. This is offered as part of our preventative care. Like establishing routines, having a mouthguard already created can help avoid problems caused by bruxism. 

Schedule Dentist Appointments in Advance

If your family is already busy, or you have a lot on your mind, you’re not going to remember to contact Petite Smiles Dentistry to make an appointment with our pediatric dentist. Instead, schedule the next checkup or cleaning at the end of each appointment. We can then remind you when it’s coming up, and you don’t have to exert any extra effort to monitor your child’s dental health. 

Petite Smiles Is Here to Help During Stressful Times

Talk to our dentist in Lorton about the best ways to establish good dental habits. We can schedule your upcoming appointments and go over preventative care options for when you just don’t have the energy. If your family is burned out, our team does what we can to make maintaining oral health easy, even when times are hard.