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Composite Fillings

Developments in modern dental materials and techniques increasingly offer innovative ways to create a more natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing smile without sacrificing strength and safety.

Dentists everywhere praise composite fillings as a durable, natural-looking, and contemporary smile-saving material. If your child has a slightly chipped tooth, a broken tooth, or a cavity, Dr. Heba Rashed can resolve these common dental health issues with a simple composite filling procedure.

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What is a tooth filling?

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Does your child need a dental filling?

Some parents ask for instructions on “how to fix a chipped tooth at home.” However, we beg you not to attempt chipped tooth repair at home. Instead, it’s best practice to schedule a walk-in dental office appointment in Lorton if you notice that your child has chipped teeth, broken teeth, or decayed teeth.

If caught in time, Dr. Rashed can use tooth-colored fillings to:

  • Ease broken tooth pain
  • Aid in broken tooth repair
  • Treat a decayed tooth

The Composite Filling Procedure

If you believe that your child or teen needs a dental filling, it’s instinctive to wonder:

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  • What is the composite filling process like?
  • How long do fillings take?
  • Is this considered pain-free dentistry?

Step 1: First, Dr. Rashed lists expectations of the procedure and answers any questions your child might have.

Step 2: Secondly, she numbs the periphery of the tooth with a local anesthetic. Plus, she will supply nitrous oxide if requested to ease the young patient into a relaxing state.

Step 3: Afterward, our Lorton dentist meticulously removes any decayed cells and tests the area to determine if the tooth is clear of unwanted tissue.

Step 4: Next, she prepares the tooth for the filling by clearing out harmful bacteria and debris.

Step 5: Then, Dr. Rashed protects the tooth root, pulp, and other inner tooth workings with composite resin.

Step 6: Then, our pediatric dentist polishes and cures composite fillings in a precise, multilayering process.

This restorative dental treatment can be completed in a single visit—generally, an hour or less. The total treatment time is based on procedure complexity and how much the tooth is decayed or damaged.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, and other upscale amenities make this process as easy as possible for both the child and the parent.

Composite Fillings for Kids in Lorton, VA

If you’re looking for a dentist for kids in Lorton, Newington, or surrounding areas that strives continuously to offer kids and their families the best care and comfort possible, don’t hesitate to schedule your child or teen’s next family dentistry appointment at Petite Smiles. Call (703)-688-2155 or message us online for more information about tooth-colored fillings and other proven pediatric dentistry treatments in Lorton, VA.

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